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It’s no longer news that we are in a digital age. A good number of individuals, irrespective of age, degree, occupation, race and location make use of the internet on daily basis.
We all surf the internet for information, pleasure, research, answers to questions and so on.

This rapid increase in the number of internet users has led to the increase in demand of data subscription by users.

With daily usage of data for research, students, professionals, entrepreneurs and social media users all long for cheap and affordable data.

While this is the case, a number of individuals get frustrated daily because of high data usage; it’s unavailability at affordable rate or inability to access it.

For this reason, such people seek ways to minimize spending heavily on data and still carry out their daily activities online.

One of the ways to eradicate this frustration is by starting a data reselling business. Obviously, you must have heard that often but have questions on how to go about it.

Questions like:
● How much do I need to start a data reselling business?
● How do I find people who will buy from me?
● How much will I make as profit by selling data subscription?
● Am I eligible to engage in this business?
● Do I need a physical location?

First, data reselling is like any other business but requires minimum capital for a start. It has rules guiding it as well as commitment on the seller’s part.

Unlike the picture of data reselling which has been painted, it isn’t a hard business to set up. All you need is guidance.

Data reselling business in Nigeria will not only remove frustration as a data user, with it, you can meet the needs of others who want to surf the internet using affordable data.

It is one of the businesses in Nigeria that has a minimal capital requirement. With a minimum of one thousand naira (#1000), you are ready to be become an entrepreneur.

Getting people to purchase data from you is not a problem. All you need to do is to sensitize people about what you do.

A lot of people purchase directly from data service providers at exorbitant rate, make them see how they can get the same amount of data at affordable price by buying from you.

You have to do the sensitization online and offline. Your buyers aren’t restricted to any location; you can sell to anyone in and outside your country.

Anyone can become a data reseller, as long as you have a smart phone, access to the internet and ability to read and write. Students as well as professionals who wish to have an additional source of income can venture it.

Starting a data reselling business does not require a physical structure. It is an online business. All you need to get is a virtual space which is your social media handle(s) to get started. That’s all! With time, if you desire to expand your business, then you can put a structure in place.

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How To Start A Data Reselling Business